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i have about 2 weeks till my second blood test but im still nervous.

a big question i have is for the athletes on tane. Im scared of loosing bone strength or muscle w.e so has anybody felt weaker, or broke bones easily playing a sport or doing a physical activity especially if it involves contact like tackling. I play rugby but its not till next year also i will be doing soccer in the fall.

also my sister has anxiety and had depression problems

i never been to the doctor about it but i had been recommended by a counselor at school to go to therapy once in a while. i would say i have some anxiety issues but im not suicidal anymore. should i tell my derm about this? what if she doesn't prescribe it to me anymore?

i feel completely fine now and i can control my emotions better.

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Honestly bro once I got on Accutane I did notice that my moods were intensified. From my past, however, i realize that it is how you responsibly control your feelings and actions once you've experienced them. I would advise that you be honest and upfront.

Although I don't play sports anymore I do lift weights. I get joint pain from time to time and soreness is a problem for a couple days after really heavy lifting. You're back will hurt for the first few months but it tends to go away for most people.

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yes probly it affects me cuz it makes your joints hurt so you dont want to work out i do it any way but it dose hurt

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Well I play football (soccer) about 3 times a week and try to go to the gym atleast 2 times a week, no joint/muscle pains yet but I'm only about to start week 2.

I haven't gone to the gym at all since I started the course though, had a pretty nasty initial breakout and didn't really want to go to the gym with all those mirrors around you if you know what I mean... But my IB seems to be getting better now, my skin has really improved during the last two days! If it continues to improve like this I'll be clear in a few weeks!

Anyways I'll post in this thread again after a few weeks to give you an update if I get any muscle/joint/bone pains later on!

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