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Hi guys, guys my face is pretty clear of acne at the moment and has been for the last month or two, but I still have alot of marks. Basicaly I was so focused on finding ways to help clear my skin of acne that I never bothered to research into redmarks and what research I did find was just when I was looking for ways to clear my skin of the main acne. So now i'm waiting for the red marks to go.

I wondered what you guys do or for those that have got there complexion back to how it was before acne did to fade out the red marks?

All help is welcome, thanks in advance.

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Oh man. I harassed my dermatologist about the red marks on my face post-acne.

Time after time I asked, she kept telling me that time is the only cure to red marks. She also told me that my prescription medicine, Retin-a Micro does help in the fading of red marks. Months into the regimen, I discovered very little help from it.

I had red marks from my worst acne breakout during November 2007. Just a few weeks ago the red marks decided to finally fade. So...that's about what? 7-8 months...which is more than half a year. Acne is rough.

My best advice is to try to stay out of the sun, as it does darken the already dark marks. Retin-a Micro may help your skin, but didn't really help mine. Best of luck to you!

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A combination of Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Gel has helped fade my red marks pretty well and also lighten up my brown spots...And they are both natural which is nice. My face was actually more damaged from using acids(glycolic mostly) and it made my skin much less toned so I've stopped using them completely for about a month so far and it's been great, my skin can finally breath on its own.

Unfortunately it's true, time is the only real cure for red marks, products will just smooth them out and make them look a little less visible but they still come back after showering or being irritated at all. For them to completely disappear you need like 6-18 months depending on the severity of the marks. I've seen some fade in a few months and some are still with me from nearly a year ago.

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