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My brother took accutane and about a year later he was put on anti-anxiety and depression meds. I have a totally different personality than him but I'm scared the accutane will make me become depressed so Im scared to start it. How common are these side effects and what causes it to make you have mental health problems? I was on OTC and developed depression/anxiety so i stopped it and i was fine but that's the only time in my life i have been like that.

Im just really so scared about that. I can deal with the other side effects but the thought of being depressed forever keeps coming across my mind. I need accutane bad too ive tried everything and nothing has worked in 13 years. I'm 22.

Is there any supplements that are good to take so that yu dont get depressed while on this medication?

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If you must take accutane and have no other alternative, I would not recommend taking any supplements as all medications (this means supplements, too) are processed/metabolized/eliminated by the liver and/or kidneys. Thus anything you add into a regimen while on Accutane has the potential of increasing the risk of liver damage.

The best thing to do if you must take Accutane is to tell your doctor and family of your concerns and ask them to monitor you for changes; sometimes the individual cannot see the changes but our loved ones will notice. If your loved ones or the doctor notice changes in you while on Accutane, you can either stop the accutane or consider taking an antidepressant. Of course that would add more stress to the liver.

Gentle regular exercise that gets up the heart rate, continuing to be active in the things you hold dear, and continuous contact with friends and relatives and having a support system around you are protective when it comes to depression.

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