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Soy (milk and chips/snacks)

I really like soy milk and i cannot have regular milk due to being lactose intolerant... but i dont want to drink milk anyways. Besides that, I enjoy soy crisps and soy snacks (even soy jerky).

I know there is a lot of sodium in these snacks but overall i think its a good move to eat that instead of popcorn and potato chips.

Im trying to eat healthier but im having a hard time as to what foods I should be eating... any tips or ideas? shopping for healthier foods seems to cost more overall.

Thanks for any input.

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Soy crisps still have the same vegetable oil and sodium that regular potato chips have. Like potato chips, they are devoid of most of their natural nutrition.

Why don't you try snacking on whole, actual soybeans? They're pretty good, you know.

But particularly with soy, I would suggest not eating too much of it. It's okay in moderation (especially if it's soybeans or tofu or soy sauce) but too much of it might affect your hormones, and thus your skin as well.

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I agree. Like anything in excess, soy can be just as bad as eating nothing but beef or ice cream or lettuce all of the time. Moderation is key.

Crisps are great, but there are other healthy, raw snacks to eat that you could try incorporating into your diet to fill in the gaps between crisp and jerky attacks. Pure dried fruits that don't have added sugar or preservatives are great. The more raw stuff you eat, the more you crave it...just like chocolate. The more you eat, the more you want. Just play around with the different foods out there. There are so many that don't have added crap. Have fun exploring.

p.s. Crisps are so deliciously evil aren't they? *grin*

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soy milk taste great :) the silk soy milk has 0 sugars and it taste good.

only reason why i stopped is cause it gives me gas... thought is making me lose weight.

no break out from it though :P

might buy soy milk again has calcium , vitamins.'

and it helps me ;)

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Thanks for the comments guys. I didnt think about the kind of oil in these things. Im going to go shopping later today and ill make sure i check the ingredients well. LOL

my dad loves wheat bread. hell i love bread too but im trying so hard to stay away from it.

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