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What is the best acne treatment money can buy?

Hi guys,

I have had acne for 10 years now, and have tried almost every over the counter product I can think of, which is within a reasonable price range, but none seem to have any lasting effect. Usually they will make the spots a little better for a month, and then they just stop having an effect and slowly the spots come back. There must be something which actually works, I've been saving up for a long time now so I don't really care how expensive it is, I just want to be spot free!

Anything you have heard of/have tried?

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I have had alot of success with grandpa's pine tar soap. I deffinetly recomend trying this out. I have been through so many products and spent so much money and this product was like a god send. It can be kind of hard to find but you can find it online along with the other types of soap they offer. From what I understand alot of people like the soap for acne found on the website but I thought it made my skin dry and I havent found anything wrong with the pine tar soap. It does smell kind of wierd but its worth it. You can normally find it at a health food stores though. I also really like Queen Hellen's Mint Juelp mask and I use Fruit of the Earth aloe gel. You can find both of those products at drugstores.

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