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Upping Minocycline dosage

Hi all. A few months ago I stopped taking minocycline (100mg/day) because it had ceased to have any discernible effect on my acne. I'm 26 next week and I still get cysts on my lips and chin. I've had this since I was 15.

The past few months have been a bumpy road- I've found that not shaving almost completely stops the acne, but last week I had enough of having hair all over my face and decided to go back on Dan's Regimen, which had been unsuccessful in the past (I'm guessing because I didn't use enough moisturiser).

Last Sunday I shaved and then continued to shave every other day, something which I've never done (regularly shaved). Every night I applied a lot of BP followed by a lot of moisturiser. My skin got really dry but I figured I'd stick it out and that my skin would get used to it.

My skin didn't get used to it and I was forced to stop using the BP, but still had to apply moisturiser.

Anyway, my skin has got really, really bad in the past couple of days. I count around 10 large spots on my upper lip and chin, and more coming every day. Put simply, this is really getting me down. I have to teach four classes tomorrow and another three on Sunday, and I'm very close to pulling a sickie for the first time since I began this job.

In desperation, I took 200mg of minocycline this morning and will continue to do so unless anyone tells me it's a really bad idea to do so. Minocylcine worked brilliantly whilst it worked, but now it's stopped. Will doubling the dose have any effect?

I really hate this. I'm sitting alone in my room now because my flatmate has his girlfriend around and I can't stand to be around any one when I look like this. It's a fucking joke that I have to deal with this shit at 26, when everyone else around me has absolutely no skin problems at all. I feel like a complete freak and I hate my body for doing this to me.

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i take 2000 mg of minocycline and i'm only 114 pounds...lol so i think you should be fine, just call your doctor to make sure. i have to say that none of the antibiotics worked for me until i was on like an extremely high dosage. it does make you sick to your stomach though. if you can handle the sickness for a couple of hours, i would say its worth it. also, i noticed i dont get as nauseated when i take it before or after i eat. good luck though :)

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