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For those on the "NO-WASHING" regime - Dry red spots... HELP!

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Just a simple question about the No-washing regime. I haven't been washing my face for four days now, and it is going okay. But iam very very dry, with red dry spots that are peeling.

So could I use moisture to get the dryness away, or would that not be a good idea, becuase of the "no-nothing" idea?

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Use topical coconut oil - probably one of the best moisturizers available to anybody in the world. =)

I stopped using regular lotion when I realized that everything in the lotion bottle is going to wind up in my bloodstream.

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you could use pure aloe vera gel. Although it wont really moisturise but it should help with the peeling. splashing (gently) your face with pure water several times a day should also help.

Coconut oil is also a good idea but I would personally start off with a very small (3.-5 drops) amount just to be sure that the skin is responding well to it and its not clogging up the skin.


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Hey, why don't you just get a gentle cleanser? Get Purpose Gentle Wash, and wash 2 times a day. There has been studies that show 2x a day washing improves acne. And why not moisturize? There has also been studies that show proper moisturization can improve the skin barrier, which is often damaged in acne patients. Dry skin=unhealing skin. That simple..

The no washing regimen is really rubbish, because studies have shown that it aggravates acne in patients. Just don't obsess and wash like 3-5 times a day....

PS. Benzoyl Peroxide is rubbish though.

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