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Glycolic Acid peel help

Hiya :D. I am thinking of buying a Glycolic Peel for my moderate acne and redmarks but im not sure if i can use it with 20% Salicylic Peel ?.

I have been using my SA peel every 8 days and seems to be having some kind of effect but will a 8% or 10% Glycolic respond well with it ?.

Please help


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Well my 8% Paulas Choice GA peel has arrived today and my last 20% SA peel was 3 days ago.

Is it alright to use the Glycolic Acid now ?.

Please help :D

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Is the paula's choice product a peel? Because if I remember correctly, it's more like a treatment product. I think it should be fine to use the glycolic acid. Whenever I got chemical peels, I was always told to wait at least three days after a peel (but ideally a week) to start using acne treatments again.

Anyway, if the paula's choice thing IS a peel, then you may want to be really careful giving yourself an at-home peel!

I recently discovered this awesome website that has alll this informtion (you can probably tell I'm really excited about it from my previous posts) but it also has a section on chemical peels if you're interested:


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uhmmmm i am going to be honest. this DESTROYED MY SKIN i started using the glycolic peel 2 months ago and it made everything worse. i stopped using it a month ago and my skin is still recovering. i think its for more severe cases. i dont know. my skin was too sensitive for it.

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