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Right now, there is enough grain to feed over 10 billion people worldwide. However, if everybody adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, this number would drop by several billion.

I forgot to mention that I was responding to this statement made by rakbs. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and choices of course, but I wanted to correct this statement because it is simply wrong.

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My skin improved when I gave up meat, and it improved even more when I started to cook proper vegetarian meals, like nice big salads with a bit of flax oil, pomegranate seeds, boiled tofu, bit of low fat feta cheese (or torn up rice cheese if Im on a vegan day) HMMMMMMM YUM.

In fact, when I ate meat (and ate very healthily as I was still living at home with an awesome cook of a mother) I felt much less healthy than I do now.

I have plenty of energy (most of the time, there are investigations going on about a thyroid problem), I go to the gym 4-6 times a week, I love sports, and feel great.

I dont agree with the sentiment that anyone NEEDS to eat meat, just that it takes some people longer to find what vegetarian foods work for them and what doesn't. Unfortunately, most people can't be bothered to do that. There are also alot of "bad" vegetarians that choose to live off of cheese and onion quiche or vegetarian option pizza all the time, therefore feel like shit all the time and give good vegetarians (those who actually bother with their diet) a bad name.

To be honest though, I think if anyone lives off of pizza, burgers and chips all the time they are going to be very unhealthy, meat or no.

In conclusion, yes vegetarianism has helped my skin alot, and for the better. Especially since I cut down on dairy.

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ah! I couldn't agree with you more. I have been a vegetarian now for a few years, and when i first started it worked wonders for my skin. I cannot tell you how thankful i am for doing it. it really isn't that hard. there are lots of tasty alternatives. Best of luck! Oh, and make sure you try soy milk instead of regular milk, this helped my skin more than anything. I promise it tastes good too!


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