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i was in the car with my mom to stay at her house and she just looks at me and says " I think you don't know how to take care of your skin"

she fucking had the audacityto say such a thing to me.

she has no idea how hard it is. I spend my own money to buy products my dad won't pay for. I've been to doctors and derms and countless skin care isles. I make my lazy ass clean my face everyday how dare she say that to me.

she didn't see me everyday in middle school when i was depressed as hell at everything.

it made me cry i was angry

its not that easy

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I feel for ya man, people just can't understand it cause they haven't been through it.

Just know your mom was prob trying to look out for you, she just didnt approach it right.

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Hi scartissue... Dont bother about her though. remember the show "kids says the darnest things?". Well, I think parents say the stupidest things. they always blame my acne for my own "poor hygiene". They also said I couldnt get a girlfriend because I was dirty. In actual fact, I stopped looking up for her after I had REALLY SEVERE acne thus we drifted apart and had to broke off.

Just dont be bothered by them. You yourself know that it is untrue.

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