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Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

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Hi. Im thinking about getting colored contacts. Im asian and I have dark brown eyes. The eyedoctor gave me 4 colors (variations of light blue and green). I dont like any of them because they didnt change my eye color at all. I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on somewhere else I could order contacts or try colors. I want something more noticable and colorful than my traditional brown, but not anything too dramatic. I also heard about circle lenses, but Im not sure if they are safe & available in the US?

Anyway, my picture is to the left and any feedback would be great.

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Hey. I'm Asian with dark brown eyes as well--I've tried honey and grey (from the Acuvue line, if I recall correctly) and they both showed despite my dark eye colour. :) I would suggest booking an appointment at the place where you buy your contacts and test out the different coloured contact lenses there. I went to an eye care store in Costco and they let me bring home the sample lenses to test out. Personally, I found them irritating after a while--but that might have been due to the fact that I have sensitive eyes.

There was a thread on circle lenses a while ago--here that might answer some of your questions. :)

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I have freshlooks gray. They show up real nice on my eyes. BTW I am asian also and have dark dark brown eyes. I'm not sure if they sell circle lenses in US. I know they do in Korea haha! Don't think that would help any. Try Freshlooks they are really nice. I also tried green from freshlooks a long time ago and they turned up on my eyes too.

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I had the gray ones and hazel. Gray ones made me look like I was mixed and looked great, but a hassle when it pops out of place.

And you're pretty!

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Try Freshlook Colorblend grey, I am Asian with dark brown eyes as well and the FL CB grey made my eyes a nice blend of grey and green. If you want blue eyes, try Freshlook Colors violet, yes I said violet. They turn my deep dark eyes vibrant blue. If you are willing to spend more money, I highly recommend the Illusions Opaque line, they will turn the darkest eyes whichever color the label says and they are very natural looking too. I have the Illusions Opaque in violet (yes I like purple eyes) and I've been asked so many times if my eyes are natural.

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i have freshlook radiance in autumn. it's a subtle change which is better than the too bold colors.

i have dark brown eyes.

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