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Need your opinion on my red marks (picture)

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I have been on Tetracycline (antibiotic) for about 6 months now and even if I didn’t get rid of acne yet, I am controlling it very well. I got only “the occasional pimple†from time to time.

My main concern now is the red marks left by acne (hyperpigmentation). My skin is a little bit brown/dark (white but not Caucasian white) and the red marks persist a lot. I need something to make the healing go faster.

Until now, I only tried vinegar (apple vinegar) but it didn’t show any perceptible amelioration. Reading this section of the forum gave me a lot of possible solutions, and while it’s nice to have choice, it’s a bit confusing too. I thought that showing some picture will give you a hint about the best choice in my case (see attachment)


I thought of purchasing glycol acid. Can you recommend me a good online buying website where I can get a kit or something I can do at home?

Also, my dermatologist told me it’s a good thing to go outside and get some sun. According to him, I don’t have a hyper pigmentation problem, only some “blood vessel formed on the surface as part of the healing processâ€. What do you think of that?

Thank you.


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my face has the EXACT problem yours has (red marks). ive been on Benzaclin and Tazorac for about a year now but the results are very inconsistent. a month of barely visible red marks and no acne, aside little ones now n then, but there are months where im convinced that its doing NOTHING for my skin by the count of many new cystic n other kinds of acne.

right now i am on Glutathione and other skin lightening products and it slowly helps the red marks fade. but i dont want to recommend this to you unless u want lighter skin like i do


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I think those redmarks you posted a pic of will definitely go away with time. I would be surprised if it even took a year; it will probably take less. Just buy an AHA product or talk to your derm about Neobenz micro or SA

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