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Should I go to the Doctor????

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I have heard of people going to the doctor and getting blood tests to check if there is an obvious reason for their acne. What should I tell my doctor I want to get checked for?

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You don't need to go to a doctor for that, you just need to look at your diet.

Sign up on nutritiondata.com

Then go to your 'pantry' and begin putting in all the foods you eat on a daily basis

It will calculate all the calories you eat in a day as well as everything from protein carbs, fats, and even vitamins and minerals.

If you don't want to do that, look at the main foods you eat and put that into nutritiondata.com and see what it contains mostly. Chances are you may be deficient in a lot of important nutrients because it is really hard to get everything

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honestly, going to ask a doctor for blood tests for acne....will end up in disappointed failure. S/He's probably going to tell you to go on retin-a and doxycycline and kindly push you towards the door..........and the door slams shut! :boohoo:

You could go get allergy tests though! Look up the one's Sweet Jade posted. They can test whether or not you have antibodies to certain foods...etc.

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Can you get acne by being vitamin defiency? Hmm. I might do that Nutrition test sometime. My food isnt that varied due to candida diet.

And which food allergy tests would be best?

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Doctors don't know too much about nutrition and health, and many studies have shown my statement to be true.

So asking a doctor about your vitamin deficiency and acne would almost be useless. I think the best way for you to see if taking vitamins can help your acne is to experiment for yourself.

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