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my derm wants to do restalyne or radiesse fillers for my scars

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why pay for temp fillers that will only last a month or so when you can pay almost the same amount for a permanent solution?

One of my worst regrets was paying 600$ in the past for temp fillers when I could of payed near the same amount for silicone injections. I just didn't know about silicone at the time, bummer!

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Hey I'm actually getting Restylane on the 13th.

I agree with Drewboy, you should be looking at permanent fillers. The only reason i am getting this done with Restylane first is to see if i like the results for when i get Artecoll (permanent) injections. Since the Artecoll will be there forever, it is best to see if i like the results i will be getting. In my opinion, this $1000 that i'm spending on Restylane is the biggest waste of money, but it is necessary in preventing any regrets with the Artecoll.

If i had a choice between Radiese and Restylane, I would chose Restylane.

But just make sure of one thing when you get this done. When you get Restylane injections, you are suppose to have a follow-up injection 2-4 weeks after your first injection to maintain your correction. I read somewhere in drewboys silicone thread that Restylane only lasted for like 3 weeks. If they didnt get the follow-up injections, then i think their derm ripped them off.

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Pakifairy - I did one round of Restalyne to see how a filler would work. Instead of lasting 6 months, it was gone in about 3 or 4 weeks and cost me $400. If you want to waste $400 that bad, just mail it to me. lol.

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