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dermaroller works w/ red markz!

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hey guys! kind of a lot of info...where to begin. ok, i was in school only part time this semester, which was awesome, cuz i could work on my skin on my dayz off. my goal was to dermaroll (1.5mm) once a month. but i kept breakin out, and then i was stuck w/ red markz (i have asian skin, so those markz last forever). finally, the semester ended, and i never even did one dermaroll! i ran outta time! so i got pissed and did a roller session anyway (even though i had some active pimplez and tonz of red markz all over my cheekz n neck).

that was about 10 dayz ago. i did a home dermaroll session w/ a 1.5mm roller. now, of course, i didn't notice any improvement in my actual pitted scarz (but that's to be expected, really). the thing that i didn't even expect, is that it cleared my red markz (some people call it scarring, but it's not scarring; it's just red markz, aftermath of a nasty pimple). those stubborn markz caused me so much stress over the last few months and i couldn't get rid of em. but my little dermaroll session, and not even 2 weeks later, and they're practically all gone! some markz were almost a year old, some were newer. doesn't matter, virtually all gone!

i suppose i could post this in the red marks section of forums, but since dermaroll is usually for people w/ pitz, this seems like a more relevant place to post it (since we'll probably be more inclined to roll).

i have no idea why that happened. i read on the dermaroller site that it fades red markz, but i didn't believe it. and i only use topical vitamin c and terproline. i actually go out now! even 2 weeks ago, i'd not leave my apt unless i was covered pretty well (hat, collared coat to hide my neck). now i go out whenever, whatever time of day. i jog all over the place like i'm forrest gump! (well, i cross the street when people are comin, cuz i still got pitz, dammit!)

oh ya, it was stupid. i waited that whole semester for my skin to clear up before rolling. but it never frickin cleared up. and here i was, 4 months later and out of time. so i snapped, and rolled anyway. i could've been rolling the whole time! so, if you plan on rolling, do NOT worry about red markz healing beforehand. if you're like me, it'll just make them disappear quicker. but avoid active pimplez. i wish i knew that. but oh well. live and learn

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i buy my rollerz on ebay. search for "skin roller" or "dermaroller". they have 2 different kindz. one roller has 48 needlez, and one has 96 needlez. you should get the 96, cuz it covers 2 times the length (so, 2 times the area). i used one from thailand. i also have one from nova derm, but i didn't use it yet. as of now, i like novaderm. i don't know much about the other companiez.

oh ya. ok, i may have exagerated a bit. the red markz aren't virtually ALL gone. you can still see remnants. BUT, they're greatly reduced. like, you could only see them if you're really close to me and in that crappy bright lighting, like in schools and public bathroomz. nothing else has worked that well. not even time and patience

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yup, that looks like the right one. good luck w/ that. my scarz look like the ones on that chick's face (plus i have HUGE craterz on my chin and templez). i really hope it all works out in the end

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