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Hey guys cleanser help

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Hey I use Clearasil stay clear, and it works great on my skin. I use it 3 times a day now because I always shower after work. I wanted to use something a little less drying though, maybe just once a day at first and see how it works. I just wanted to ask what "gentle" cleanser works best for anyone else here?

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Hihi Timbo,

Sorry for turning you down last time. I have deleted all those data that I got from the sageskincare.com. Now, all the information authored by myself belonged to me. NO copy, NO paste, NO cheat~

Try Cetaphil® gentle facial cleanser. it would be a decent cleanser for sensitive skin .However, I really don;t like this cleanser but it didn't lather well, it's just like applying thick water on your skin. But, since you demand for GENTLE..this is the most GENTLE cleanser you can find over the town. Followed by Purpose® cleansing Bar, Neutrogena® extra gentle facial cleanser.

god bless you,

hopefully can help,


garkee2002 :wink:

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Well, I think i've finally come down to my final cleanser....I use the dove 1/4 moisturizing lotion beauty bar for SENSITIVE SKIN. I have very sensitive skin and this works really well.....good lather too.


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its coo garkee, i wasnt trying to go off on you. most of what i know about acne i learned from the web myself so its no big deal. Thanks for the cleanser advice though, i was considering cetaphil anyway. Its for a 3rd washing in the middle of the day and im going to keep on with the clearasil in the moring and before bed. I just want to give my skin a break from using that stuff 3 times a day.

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