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Sounds like a stupid question

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if you're using the full amount it should take about 5-8mins id say. it takes me about 8 to do a whole pump of dans to the lower half of my face. ive heard nots is a bit drier consistancy than dans though so this may be harder to do. maybe someone using nots can help out? how longs it taking at the moment?

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hmm that could just be the consistency of nots, ive not used it before so im not sure. are you using the recommended amount? the point of rubbing it in so long it to make sure its all absorbed into the pores, if its all dry and you cant feel it on your skin anymore then there shouldnt be any need to rub it in any longer than you are. what do you think of nots? id recommend giving dans bp a try, it honestly feels to me after 2 months like im just putting lotion on my face its brilliant!

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Hmmm, I'm just gonna have to experiment with it some more.

I like it for the most part, and it's helping. I think that some of my problems lie in diet, and not drinking nearly enough water. I know bp isn't a cure-all if your diet is horrible. I haven't really given it a fair shot.

I'm making some changes, I'll let you know how it's goin'.

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Gah, I'm way off. I have about 45 seconds until my face starts getting stiff and sticky.

That's about right for Neutrogena on-the-spot. It does tend to dry quicker than Dan's gel.

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