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Are Redmarks & Hyperpigmentation Scars?

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I have been researching for a while and from what I understand redmarks and hyperpigmentation (not sure if they are considered the same thing) will completely fade over a certain amount of time. Then I read that it doesn't completely fade and it is considered a type of scar... So my question is, will the post-acne marks fade or are they scars?

I used to never get brown marks on my face until I started using proactiv. Now I have these brown marks on my face and I don't know if they are going to fade away or not. So please help me out here and clarify this for me if you can. Thanks!

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Overtime they will fade. What happens is the tissue underneath is damaged. When we peel from products containing retinoids, HQ, Glycolics and SA's, the skin starts shedding gradually, revealing a newer epidermis. Hyperpigmentation can often be underneath the skin. It takes several months or even longer to get to that damged part of the skin. It just depends on how deep it goes. Picking can obviously make the redmarks deeper and the damage greater. Therefore it could take longer to get these particular areas to heal and lighten up. I use a combo of Retinoids, AHA's, BHA's Kojic Acd and azelaic acid to help. All these chemicals slowly peel the skin. Cellular turnover is faster than if I let it fade naturally. The skin renews itself about every 35 days, with chemical exfoliation you can cut that in half. I have some deeper hyperpigmentation that will take longer to fade because it goes much deeper thatn the first couple of layers of skin. So I guess in the way, they are internal scars. But these may not be permanent scars, just damaged tissue that needs repair. I have a lot of surgical scars that act differently, so I would not consider them in the same way as my acne scars and redmarks. the damage is greater and most likely permanent.

some people will not ever respond to chemicals as well as something like IPL or laser treatment. I think in that case, the damage is greater.

As for your brown marks, it's possible that these were under the surface of your skin. Proactive contains acids which help renew the skin and therefore skin the cells faster. It could bring the hyperpigmentation to the surface of your skin. you may want to try a product containingn Kojic Acid or azelaic acid to fade these spots Also liberally use sunscreen everyday.

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Alright, thanks for the help. I never thought that proactiv could have just revealed the brown marks. So if I continue using proactiv then shouldn't it continue to reveal my skin underneath, meaning the repaired/"good" skin will eventually shine through? I would rather not have to buy anymore products so if using proactiv will help me get rid of the brown marks then that is the way I will go. But i just want to make sure if proactiv will help get rid of the brown marks or will I have to buy something else.

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