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How to treat raised scars on nose

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Reason for treatment: 8 cystic nodular acne lesions on nose.

Symptoms: Significant decline in self confidence, redness, protrusions on nose, stress.

Duration: 4 + years

Prior treatment techniques in chronological sequence:

1.) Benzoyal peroxide (4 years)

2.) Saliyc acid (4 months)

3.) Mint Julep Mask (2 years)

4.) Tetracycline (2 years)

5.) Differin Gel (6 months)

6.) Accutane 60mg (4 months)

7.) Cortisone shot 4% (once)

8.) Retin A Micro (5 months)

9.) 2nd Accutane 80mg (5 months)

10.) Needle Aspiration


What optoins are there to treat 8 raised scars on the nose? O:)

I been [-o< forever too. Hope finally there is a way to successfully treat these buggers.

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I would be using copper-peptides with exfol cream.

I have used it for raised scarring for 15 months now and I have seen good results.

Yes, it is slow, but I have seen nothing else work for me and that includes lasers, other topicals etc.

All the best.


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Are you sure they're scars? They may be sebaceous hyperplasia(enlarged oil glands). They're common on the nose, and usually have a hole in the middle.

If they're scars, I've been told you need laser or dermabrasion. Sometimes cortisone works, but it sounds like you did that already. Silicone sheets can be helpful.

Also, sometimes they go away on their own.

They're really frustrating. My advice is to get some opinions from different derms and PS's and see if you notice a pattern emerge in their responses.


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Hey thanks for the very informative help. I think you explained my situation very well. Now that i think about it, it does not look like a cyst but sebucous hyperplasia.

I wonder what kind of treatments can be used to get rid of them on my nose?

Dermabrasion? (I saw anime girl's pics and was a little freaked out)

Pulsed dye laser?

Definately no excision as the nose is very sensitive and the skin is hard to stich together, besides there is 8 of the suckers on the tip so excision would not work.

What is your opinions? Anyone?

Thanks :-({|=

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