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How long have you been using DKR?

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Hi Guys,

I'm a couple of weeks into the DKR, and have started to see great improvement.

I'm just hoping that I can continue with it forever, and get on with my life acne free.

So I was wondering, how long have you been on the regime?

Does it still work great after 1,2,3 years? (If so, you're probably not visiting this site anymore :))

Are you completely clear?

Have you added/ modified from the original DKR?

This got posted twice, could the moderator delete the duplicate entry?

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2-3 months and i notice an improvement. still don't think this will be the full cure for me, because i can still get active acne. bp and made them smaller and virtually impossible to see but the fact that i still get a new pimple every 2-3 days is discouraging.

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I've been on it for 4 and a half months. Follow it pretty strictly but I miss the occasional application but that hasn't effected me, yet. I was lucky enough to start it when I was clear, and I've stayed completely clear since being on it. Frickin' changed my life around haha. Not walking around all the time worrying about the next zit and where it will pop up is a major burden lifted. That's why I appreciate what Dan does so much. He's given such awesome tips that have helped me out a ton. I know he's in it for helping people, but I hope he's filthy rich because of it. He deserves it haha.

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Haha oh geese I've been on it for about 4 years now.

Still working.

It's important people remember that this isn't a CURE but a preventative.

I occassionally stop using the regimen to see if I'd still get acne. Sure enough, I do. So i go straight back on it.

Haven't changed a thing but added jojoba oil.

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I'm on week 4 and I saw terrific improvement within the first few weeks. Then I idiotically went out into the hot sun unprotected and had an evil break out which spread over my face. Now I'm fighting to get back on track. I'm confident that I will.


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I've been on the regimen for just over 6 months. I'm extremely happy to say that I'm completely clear for the first time in 14 years. I did however have a horrible breakout all over my face when I was about a month into the regimen. It was such a severe beakout that I heavily considered stopping, but thankfully, I didn't.

My modifications are listed in my signature. Most notably, I exfoliate my face with sugar every single morning. I honestly think this is an important step for me personally getting clear.

Best wishes to you. Don't be afraid to try different moisturizers/cleansers/etc. until you find what works best for you.

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one year and its working but occasional breakouts happen but not as big as before... i now have th confidence of walkin around with a one or two pimples since its way worse than before... i just hope to not have acne ever again :(

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