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get off my face, please.

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This used to be a pimple that i popped, and i thought it would just go away like the other ones but it decided to stick around for awhile. its been over a week and i want to get rid of it, i think its a cyst but when i push my tongue against the inside of my cheek i feel no pressure.. like i usually would. It feels hard and inflamed on the outside though. I've already tried to pop it but it just wont come. is there anything I should do to kill it?.. quickly preferably


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put a plaster on it with germolene or something to draw the puss out of it,

or steam your face and soak a bit of cotton wool in witch hazel and put it on it.

that looks sore mate. hope it dies soon.

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i have had loads like that,tryn to pop will make it worse i would recomend clean and clear make up remover its like som sort of alcohol but dont drink it :) just dab the affected area it drys youre skin tho so try just get that area this will tighten the pore forcing out n e thin that may b inside,but if theres no swellin there prob isint but the make up remover will stop n e further infection and reduce redness tho: )

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Eh why does it say it was taken in 2005?

hmmm. im not really sure, i took it on saturday

i had something like that, it will go away, but it will probably take a month or longer. sucks but it should go a way.

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