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Accutane log (18/m...with pics!)

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking around here for a while now reading everyone's Accutane accounts. They have been an invaluable resource, and have encouraged me to start taking the 'tane myself.

I'm a 6'3, 185 lb, 18 year old guy who has been afflicted with acne for about four years. It started out fairly mild, and I had some success with Tetrocycline. That eventually stopped working, though, and I turned to a variety of topicals. None of these worked too well, and a few months ago my acne got a LOT worse almost overnight. So here I am.

I'll be picking up my prescription tomorrow for what should be a six month treatment cycle starting at 40mg/day. I've already got my Cetaphil and Aquafor (although my derm actually dissuaded me from using aquafor - something about allergic reactions?). I hope to post pictures and updates at least once a week. Any comments, encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated. Let the games begin!

Pre-Accutane pics (kinda fuzzy)

Right side

Left side


Full face (clearest picture)

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Day 5

No real side effects yet except a bit of itching on my face. My lips are a little dry, but not to the point that I need the Aquaphor. I've been using Cetaphil every night, though. I seem to be getting the same number of pimples, but they dry up of their own accord in about 24 hours, which is nice. The overall redness of my face is crazy, though. For the first time, my acne is dictating the things I do and the people I want to see. :(

I'm transferring to a new college, and an educational adviser I was seeing asked if I had heard about Accutane (funny coincidence, right?). He mentioned that he had acne as bad as mine and used Accutane almost a decade ago. His skin looked GREAT, and he had no recurrence. Hopefully I'll have a similar result.

I'll post new pictures in a couple of days. Hope everyone is doing well on their 'Tane course!

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Well, that was more than a few days. ;) I could blame the Accutane for making me procrastinate, but I was like that before.

Day 18

Things are going pretty well so far. I don't know if I've had the IB or not; I've been getting more pimples than usual, but they are drying up fairly quickly. I did miss one day (oops!). I've been using Cetaphil moisturizer at night, and it seems to be working fairly well. My face does not seem too dry, although it has taken on more of a matte appearance, which is nice. I've been washing my face 2-3 times a day with Dove for sensitive skin.

Lips: Chapped! I think an entire layer of lip peeled off in a single day. The dryness has subsided a little since then, and I've been applying vaseline at night and sometimes during the day.

Nose: Dry! Worse than the lips, actually. The inside of my nostrils are cracked and occasionally bleeding. Luckily, it is not that painful, only annoying. Again, vaseline helps.

Aches: My lower back has been a little achy, which I attribute to the Accutane. It is very mild, though.

Other than that, things have been pretty boring. I'm having quite a lazy summer. I watched all of Boston Legal Season 3 in the course of a few days. Fun stuff. Pictures below.

right.jpg"]Right side

left.jpg"]Left side


face.jpg"]Full face

Good luck to everyone on their course!

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