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Fraxel Repair (co2 combined)

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so i got my meds that the doc prescribed for me for the fraxel repair and the one i have to take 2 times a day 3 days before the surgery.

the name of it is valtrex and i knew the name but could not figure it out. i wondered why the lady gave me a weird look when she looked at it. its herpe medication...how embarassing. i found out when i got home and to top it all off i have one of those annoying pimples on the lip line....god im a dumbass....

whatever getting the repair in two days.....

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Hi Guys,

I had my fraxel repair 2 weeks ago. In the beginning there was a lot of swelling, it's pretty much gone all back to normal now. I am still red, and haven't put any make up on. Considering my skin, I think there definitely will be a good improvement with the surface, and hopefully in a few months the collagen will start rebuilding and plumping out.

The only thing I'd consider in a few months time is to maye use a filler on one dent on a cheek I have, I think that would be it after that. Just maintanance and hopefully journey, and quest for the best scar treatment will be over. I really think this is the best scar treatment at the moment. I am definitely not worried about pigmentation etc. My doctor said there would be a 50% improvement, and in 6 months time we can laser a specific spot a little more if need be. I think for rolling scars, there really needs to be a filler.

Will keep you posted.

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Tanya33, I am 6+ weeks post procedure and pretty much hanging at 50% improvement, which is what I was hoping for. I am looking at a 2nd procedure around the end of the year. There are 2 doctors on RealSelf who are answering question on Re:pair and they both believe 2 treatments are needed for most cases of acne scars. I feel like I am completely recovered, but there is still a little tightness across my upper cheeks and eyes. My procedure was done at 70mj and 60%. Do you know what level you were treated at.

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Hey All,

Im from Down Under too and am booked to have my first Fraxel Re:pair on 8th August 08. I have had 3 Fraxel Restore treatments to which I had no result whatsoever on my acne scarring.

I have spent $4500 thus far on my scarring and am just about to spend another $2500 on this 'new and improved' Fraxel. Has anyone had the procedure done and not seen ANY results? Most people are saying that they have seen 50%. This would be fantastic for me!! Halfly improved would be a dream come true.

One thing is I am very scared of is the pain that comes with Re:pair. I couldnt even handle it one bit with the basic Fraxel Restore... so fingers cross I go ok :pray:

I know they apply numbing cream and give you drugs etc etc I just hope its enough! My derm doesnt perform 'putting people to sleep' so I unfortunately cant have that.

I would love to hear more about the people who have had the Fraxel CO2 Re:Pair treatments done.

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Tanya33, I am 6+ weeks post procedure and pretty much hanging at 50% improvement,

Sounds GREAT!~ I had Fraxel done over 3 years ago (now called Fraxel restore) I had 5 sessions

and I got about 30% improvement to the acne scars and a solid improvment to my over skin tone.

I do not want to sit through another series of sessions and the idea of getting Dramatic improvement from just one Fraxel Repair sounds very interesting. is the 50% improvement from the Tightening effects? It took months before I noticed significant collagen PLUMPING. I also have gotten OLDER and have some bags under my eyes and my brow line can use a little lifting. Have you noticed improvements in those areas as well?

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