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why is accutane the only one that works?

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I've been thinking alot lately about the root causes of my acne. I find it interesting that there is not one specific medicine that works for everyone--in other words there is no one cause for acne. This makes it extremely difficult to figure out what's causing your own acne without months and sometimes years of trial and error. Let me tell you I've tried everything from BP to birthcontrol to differin to antibiotics. The only thing that has ever worked for me is accutane. So my question is: What is it about accutane that works so well? I usually only need to take a maintenance dose of 2 pills per week to stay clear. While on accutane my skin is always oily, so it's obviously not the oil that's the culprit. Accutane doesn't affect the bacteria in your skin or hormone levels, does it? So how does Accutane clear my skin? What specific action is going on to allow my skin to be free from acne? I'm thinking that if I could figure this out I might be able to figure out what's causing my acne and find something that has a similar effect. It's a very complicated science. :think:

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From what I understand accutane shuts down your oil producing glands, and since most acne is caused/fueled by oil accutane works more often than not.

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Presumably the drug reduces oil production to a level that your skin can reasonably deal with. Moreover, it fixes abnormal keratinization, which basically means that your hair follicles are less likely to get blocked with clumped-up oily skin cells in the first place. All-in-all, it does seem to work and I'm due to start taking it when my exams are over. True, I can stay reasonably clear with antibiotics, but I'm constantly shifting from one to the next, and it's really not the best thing for your body. With accutane, there is a significant chance of permenant results and I hope to be in the majority that are cleared almost indefinitely through using it.

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From what I know there are two types of things produced in the pores; oil and sebum. Oil can never cause acne its only function is to protect the skin and hair. Sebum on the other hand is the one that causes acne and keratinization because of its ability to clogg pores. Accutane shuts down sebumproduction, and probably oil production too to some extent in many people or else most people on accutane wouldnt get so dry skin. The oil production recovers after accutane, but sebum doesnt. (Except in those who get their acne back later on)

I have also tried everything against acne and was really suprised when those birthcotrol pills with anti androgens and estrogens didnt work AL ALL for me. Accutane is the only thing that helps for me too. (Or the Wai-diet)

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