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What's up with people getting acne back after 'Tane

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I'm about to end my 5-month course in 10 days with 700mg above cumulative dosage, and haven't broken out in 7 weeks.

how do i know i'm not gonna be one of those people who get acne back after a couple of months? how do i know i am cured for life....How does one KNOW!

i'm 24 darn it and male.... i want this to end already.

my acne was moderate to severe btw.

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Thats a bitch! Hate that some people dont get cured and other lucky ones do. But judging from people I know who have been on accutane and all, the ones with the most severe acne and a young age while on accutane (under 20) often always seems to get theirs back.

Mine was not that severe when I was on accutane as a 15 year old but still awful and it came back when I was about 19-20 again now at 25 after lots of antibiotics its still here and If it comes back a third time (after this accutande cure) Im gonna start a new cure long before it gets this 'serious'. :)

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Accutane cured my back acne and my chest acne but not my face acne.

I am still on tane and I doubt I'll be coming off it anytime soon.

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I havent broke out for ages but just had a couple on my neck at the end of month 4? I thinkthis could be a sign my acne will come back, Im thinking of doing 10mg daily for life if it does.

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