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Hey guys a little history first. Currently i'm 22 and have had acne since i was about 15. Acne is on face, back, shoulders, forearms (blackheads) and most severe on my arms. Went to a dermatologist and she presecribed minacyclin (oral antibiotic) 100mg twice a day, differin adapalene gel and avar (sulfur) cleanser. After about 6 weeks my facial acne is well under control (almost totally gone -- just a few brown scars left and generally is very manegable). However my body acen isn't that great. I have some big red blotches on the top of my legs, on my lower back, shoulders and all over my arms, a little on forearms also. For some reason i like to pick at them #-o and it just worsens the condition -- to the point of embarassment about wearing short sleeves. These prescrption meds are pretty expensive about $120 per month with insurance coverage and i believe the only two effective ones are the minacyclin (no longer get really big pimples (usually)) and the differin (adapalene) gel on my face. Also i know salicyclic acid causes me to break out in tons of tiny white pimples after like 3 days of use and anything with triclosan just drys my skin up a ton and has no effect on acne. I've used 10% BP before with ok results but not as intense as this plan suggest, plus at the time i was using bar soap. I've also noticed that in some cases 3% hydrogen peroxide helps out some but makes my skin dry as hell and isn't generally as effective as BP except in cases of broken skin (from picking).

However i've noticed differin doesn't do shit in my heavy acne areas. I helps on my face and shoulders most. Doesn't do anything for forearms, and arms (deep acne)). So i'm gonna try this plan. Please review it

Steps to clear skin (might need amending)

1) Stop picking under all circumstances :^o and minimize agitation (no washcloths/scrubbing)

2) Take minacyclin as prescribed 200mg per day

3) Stop using bar soap and switch to cetaphil gentle cleansing bar

4) Apply 10% (OXY) Benzoyl peroxide to top of legs, back, shoulders

5) Apply 2.5% (Neutrogena) Benzoyl peroxide to face, arms and forearms. Possibly moving up to 10% BP on arms forearms depending on dryness/how they respond

6) Moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion non-comedogenic

7) Possibly still use differin gel -- Need input on this

8 ) Apply apple cider vinegar to trouble areas as needed

9) Drink lemon juice with water to help scars and aid in dieting (i'm already on a fitness plan)

Also i'm assuming that i'm going to have to shower 2X a day because i have total body acne not just facial and isn't the cleanser obligatory to use before applying new BP?

Or should i just shower 1X a day and use an astringent cleaner like seabreeze to prep the skin?

Question: If i was planning on still using the differin gel before bed would that be ok to use with BP?

I will perform the above steps twice daily once in morning once at night.

Please comment provide suggestions smile.gif

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in my experience, body acne doesn't respond to anything other than accutane, the tane didn't totally rid my face of the stuff but it completely wiped out the body stuff.

Topicals on body acne may just be endless frustration for you, but good luck anyway biggrin.gif

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