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ok i started differin gel .1 last night, and today i have seen no redness or dryness.

obviously everyone is different but when should i expect the inital breakout to begin and finish? when do you start seeing benefits of differin, i've read some reviews that said improvments after a weeks and others that say they saw no improvement untill 12 weeks,

even though i havent as yet experienced any dryness or flakiness should i start moisturising now anyway? i have quite oily skin so have never really used moisturiser as i would just look like a grease ball!

also i like to swim, will this effect my skin whilst using differin?

any help and or advice would be much appreciated, thanks guys

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it took a couple of days for my skin to look dry...so would recommend using mosturizer anyway to alleviate any future dryness.

my IB didnt happen until after a couple weeks of using it...lasts about a week...but then you are golden...my skin keeps getting better and better...ive used it for about a month now.

i dont know about the swimming thing.

i also found taking fish oil has really helped me...i take 2 a day...takes a couple of weeks to see a difference.

good luck to you!

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I had an IB between weeks 3 and 5. It sucks, but once you get through it, your skin will probably clear up nicely. My skin cleared up really great in week 7. My skin is also oily. I use a moisturizer in the morning, but not at night when I use the differin. I think the differin works best when it's the only product on your face.

I am not sure about the swimming. My face was not red and irritated at all, I don't have sensitive skin. But...one time when I accidentally used a cleanser that was too harsh, I thought I burned my face off. I am guessing the chlorine might give you a problem.

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