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Does Milk Cause Acne?

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afaik it has been proven that there is link between dairy and acne,i have cut out dairy and seen a big improvement in skin and i know many ppl on here have said the same.i think it mainly applies to hormonal acne though

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all dairy products have certain acids in them that does create acne...

after cutting dairy i saw a huge difference.

no chocolate, milk, cheese, etc.

hard to just cut out something you eat/drink everyday but its gotta be a risk that your willing to take.

try to eat as much greens you can...

also lots of apples

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For me, yes.

On Sunday I stopped at In and Out to get a small pink lemonade and small chocolate milkshake. (This is after about 4 1/2-5 mounths of no dairy) I broke out the next day with 2 small cysts on one side of my mounth. They are small and under the surface but hurt. And it made some clogged pores by my nose a little worse(inflammed). I thought just that little would not so it, especially after that long being off of it. But it did and I am pissed I tried it. So I will never consume Dairy again, well for a good number of years atleast.

Might want to check out the Nutrition & Holistic health section of the org.

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Milk def. causes me to break out. I`ve tested it 3 times and all conclusions end the same, some small pimples as well as some cysts. Now for some reason i can eat cheese without a problem, chocolate too. I really think its because i eat small amounts

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