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Probably not. Drinking too much oil straight up might give you some funny bowel movements or make you nauseus. But if that doesn't happen, you should be ok. I would personally try to incorporate the evoo into a meal i.e. dressing for a salad. But if you would rather drink it straight up, thats your decision. It should still offer most of its health benefits.

You might be better off using it with food though if you are seeking maximal benefits. For instance, when EVOO is used in a meal, it lowers its glycemic index by slowing digestion. The oil also helps dissolve some of the fat soluble vitamins that may be present in other foods. Proper food combing is something most of our ancestors figured out along time ago. Thats why many traditional ethnic dishes are often some of the healthiest (and tastiest) dishes one can have.

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No, no problem, I do it when I can't eat food but have a quick second to access the oil, quick swig and I am out of there. lol, it's not the best feeling in the world though. I make a funny face as it goes down, it's really thick and viscous, as well as that slight 'tingling' feeling as it goes down the throat, common properties of evoo.

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At first if you never had fish oil, MAYBE you'll run to the bathroom , maybe...

lol most likely

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Thanks for all your replies! I've been taking EVOO straight for a couple days now and yes, it does have a weird feeling to it! And yes, at first fish oil is disgusting, but like most things you get use to it.

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