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how weird would it be for a guy to shave his legs?

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You're going to do all the waxing yourself or you're going to regularly see the place?

i might just go to a place to get it done right

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I'm too lazy to read all the other comments on this thread, but I'm gonna reply anyway. If you don't like leg hair and you're a guy, that's fine. But I definitely wouldn't shave it. I actually used to shave my arms years and years ago because I didn't like the hair, but it grew back much, much thicker. I think this is the case with most hair - it always comes back coarser and more unsightly. I have, however, been waxing my arms on and off for a long time, and my hair's been thinning out pretty significantly. I'd say start out with waxing and stick with it. Your hair might even thin out if you do it regularly enough.

Edit: You can definitely wax your legs yourself! They overcharge at salons, IMO. They sell something called Surgiwax (I think) at drugstores, which is cheap and lasts a while. If you can reach it and they aren't your pubes, wax it yourself, I say.

does waxing rly hurt?

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who cares if it hurts..women have to deal with it dont tell me you cant? im about to start waxing my chest and stomach actuall...a little pain is do able..your making it seem as if its going to be the most painful thing ever

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i got alot of hair on my legs, more then a normal boy should and it annoys the hell out of me. i can actually curl some of it up. everyone in my family keeps sayng no to shaving but they all tell me i have alot of hair on my legs. my grandma always asks me where i got this hair from cuz my father or grandpa never had any hair on there legs but i did. would it be worth it to shave my legs?

NO, dont shave your legs! I think hairy legs on guys is sexy and masculine :drool::wub:

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If you ever did cut off your penis, use some super glue. Elmers glue doesn't stick well.

:lol: There is no way someone can cut off their private area. Skin is a protectant. Its impossible.

Hey JPizzle,

I've been modeling since I was like 12 (I'm 19 now), and I've always either shaved my entire body, or just used Nair for Men hair remover. I've been using the Nair since I was probably 17 or so, and it's easy and you don't get bumps. So maybe instead of shaving you could do that! But then again I kinda have to in my line of work. Good luck though!


Ive used that stuff in the version for women and I tell you, that is some of the worst smelling stuff, blaaaaaaaaaaaah

IMO Nair is crap.

Yep, it doesnt work so it works like crap and smells like crap. All the more reason to not use it

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