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My skin is kinda weird by I think maybe some of you can relate...

Thank god, I would say I have a 80% clear skin most of the time. BUT, there's always a good 3-5 days in a month where I go wild. Mostly whiteheads, approx. maybe 4 to 6 in that period of time. I think to myself that my condition is "worst" than someone who has acne "all the time" because my peers and family see me good one day and then real bad another...It's tough. I pop some of them (please no "no picking" rent, I'm a adult), resulting in big red marks that fade away with time (3-4 days). What's frustrating is that I do not seem to have an "oil" problem, as my face is not typically too oily as I see some...Those whiteheads seems to be popping from nowhere!!

I tried religiously dan's regimen; only helped healing faster. So I stick to it when I have my problem days.

The fact that my skin is bad just some time in the month makes me think it may be hormonal acne (btw, I am a 22 men). Can someone confirm?! For that, since a week, Ive taken this:

5-8 caps of fish oil omega 3 (1000 mg each, 180 EPA and 120 the other one...)

1-2 EPO (evening primerose oil)

4 natural's way DIM

I'm to a point where I will refuse any sort of special events too far in advance so I don't book it and end up not going because by skin sucks...

I end up being rude to my girlfriend when I am in my bad days, and I hate it (ive mentionned it to her but she seems to forget the cause of my "bad mood" each time it happens...)

Here in Quebec, we have Universal Health care. Great :boohoo: , we don't pay. But for a consult. with a derm, you have to wait 4-8 months (from the calls i've made). So I booked a private practice one in 2 weeks for approx. 100$ because I'm so fed up.

I have a job interview next week and I just can't stop wondering about what people think when they see you with acne problems (unprofessional, childish, etc). That stereotypes but still. Some think like that.

Comments, tricks, feedback...

Thank you

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only read about it once...why would it be more appropriate for me than omega 3, dim or epo? whats different in it

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actually, I am not new to the BP...

My skin holds it pretty well I think, reading how some's skin get flaky and all that...

I think I could but bp 4 times a day and my skin would not be over-irritated (moisturing after bp).

not so sure about the exfoliating thing...if my problem is hormonal, it will come back every now and then even if I exfoliate...

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5-8 caps of fish oil omega 3, is that too much? i take 1 fish oil omega 3 capsule 1200mg a day

neways my regimine is is in my sig so you may want to implement some of those ideas to see if they help.

i strongly believe that cutting out dairy, cutting out crap, drinking apple cider vinegar and using the oil cleansing method helped most in getting rid of my acne

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from what i read on the nutrition board, it does not seem too much...my pills are said to be 1000 mg, but if I read the nutrition value, they contain only 180 epa and 120 the other...so to get the 2g some talk, I need at least 5-6 pills no....

oh btw, sorry guys, I will never eliminate food. especially basic food like bread and milk. I did so for about a month and it did nothing. it may do some good for some people but I prefer to eat good things than to be unhappy. still, yes, I make some efforts: I try not to eat too much sugar and I drink lots of water. I find the whole food debate kinda useless, or overrated should I say.

my point in this topic is more trying to relate to some who have, like me, what seems to be hormonal acne (80% of the month relatively good and one bad week, 5-6 whiteheads at the same time)

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You go through alot of layers of skin, sloughing off during a month, maybe your skin clogs up every so often. Then when you break out you may wash/treat more frequently and get more exfoliation. It usually takes a few weeks ofr "treatment" for skin to start to look better. Then when looking better maybe not as diligent, thus a cycle. Try to be more consistant everyday. Also, does your diet fluctuate...drink more pop, eat more dairy, junk food at certain times? My downfall is pop, even sugar free and potato chips.

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