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Question for the Chemist etc

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I am about to purchase about 10 grams of Hyaluronic Acid from China. It is injectable Grade and Crosslinked about 10%.

Crosslinking makes it more stable after injection. It will not absorb out as quickly as Plain HA injections.

Here is my question:

After I reconstitute the powder in Injectable grade water and fill a glass syringe will I need to Autoclave everything or can I just do this:

1) Autoclave the water even though it is injectable grade I would still autoclave it.

2) Autoclave the Glass Syringe.

3) In my Sterile Laminar Hood take the autoclaved water and reconstitute the powder then draw that into the Auotclaved 1CC syringe.

4) The Laminar Hood or Clean Hood also has a UV light.

5) Should I UV treat the filled Syringe as well and for how long?

The reason I would do it above instead of just reconstituting the Powder then filling the syringe then autoclaving the entire syringe filled HA is because I was told that autoclaving HA is tricky and it can loose it molecular weight. Thin out in other words and loose it viscosity.

Also the autoclaving might also affect the molecular integrity of the crosslinked reagents as well. Phosphorus and some other chemicals in there as well.

Anyhow any suggestions would be greatful.

I suppose if I am going to autoclave the water could I just use molecular grade water? How about the Sterile water that is non injectable grade?

The kind you see that sais only to be used for cleaning wounds etc. If you Autoclave that water would it now be defined and Injectable grade or is there more to it than just autoclaving it?

Then there is the powder itself. The company told me the powder HA is sterile as is.

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