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epitome of non-inflammed acne

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Alright so I'm almost 18 years old. I've been fighting a mix of very mild inflamed acne and severe comedoenal acne since I was a freshman in high school. I have oily skin.

Today for the most part the inflammatory portion of my acne has subsided, with the rare pustule spurting up and leaving fairly quickly without leaving too bad a mark. But of lately my skin has become ridden with what seem to be clogged pores. They're all under my skin and when I squeeze them out of mass frustration white hardened sebum comes out.

There is almost not a portion of my face that inst completely or partially covered in these raised comedones. If i were to feel my face all around, it would be extremely pebbly on my cheeks, side burn areas, forehead, jawline, sides of the mouth, chin, and a nose covered in blackheads, basically the works. It is really bad.

I've tried what seems like everything, commercial benzoyl peroxide 10% mostly, Biore Unclogging Scrubs with 2% salicilyc acid, I've had benzaclin prescribed once, and i've been to an esthetician about three times for extractions and these clogged pores come back very quickly.

I am at my wits end. I was gong to try Dan's Regimen, but after research here, found that BP is what seems like a pointless endeavor, and I really don't know what to do. My skin is completely clogged and it looks pretty terrible. I'm going in to college and I'm going to major in film acting, I got into a program that only accepts 12 applicants nationally per year so its really important to me that I bring my A-game and looking good is definitely part of that. It would also be great to have my confidence back seeing as talking to girls is hard enough.

Please someone help me. I don't know what to do. I don't have the money to spend monthly on all these really expensive items, so please if anyone can help me, I'd truly be forever thankful.

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Try to get your hands on a good salicylic acid/BHA beta hydroxy acid product like Paula's Choice or try an Aspirin mask. It should help your non-inflammed acne.

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Right now I am taking tazorac and climidacyn

what it does, it makes the skin thin and gets rid of all those deep ones, so there is a huge IB for a month and change....

but those that faithfully continue, almost ALWAYS clears up

some people loose hope after the terrible first few IB, i knew that i wanted to quit, but i saw that this will be going on for some more weeks

so i mean if you want to try those prescriptions from your doctors fyi

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maybe ill try paulas choice but uhm you guys think if i keep up with the extractions plus dans regimen and Paulas choice bha, that itll keep me clear?

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yes, if you get extractions (get a good estetcian!!!! or else they can damage your skin if done wrong!!), maintain that healthy skin, and do the regimen, you should be clear for the most part

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yeah the one i go to is very good, i just never knew how to handle the skin after that so ill try the regimen/paula's choice stack and hopefully ill get some results, thanks a lot guys.

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