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Cope with my acne?? I THINK NOT! LOL .

I wanted to get my feelings out by posting a new topic to let my feelings out. I've been dealing & coping with acne since i was in middle school. Now my acne is moderate/severe i do have inflamations.. Nodules every now and then. pastules..But i never totally gave up as far as finding a cure for my acne. Well recently my mother said that she did'nt feel that dans regie was working for me and that it was irritating my face and making it worse. I beg to differ b/c i just came home form a long semester on camapus. I also have been keeping a blog on acne.org along with photos. I used to always break out EVERYDAY :redface: not every other day!!. I would breakout frequently on my forehead and cheeks a lot. I also have scarring and inflammations. I used to have perscriptions for my acne [ Duac Gel Tazorac and Doryx pills] . Those worked like charm and my fac ewas really clearing up! However, each of these perscriptions was costing me $40 a piece to refill. I can''t afford that especially since i'm a college student on a budget. Since using Dan's regie ( for at least 77 days now) i have'nt had a lot of breakouts on my forehead or cheeks . ( except when i'm on my period). My face is clearing and I'm thankful that God has allowed this. So i'm suppose to schedule an appointment with the dermatologist this month to find out if my acne has gotten better or worse? In the meantime. since i did see my skin becoming somewhat irritated, I have changed my daily routine.

New Routine:

Morning: Cleanser Mosturizer sunblock

I figure i would do this because my skin is betond highyl sensitive! using the bp twice a day like i used to is probably irritating my skin.

Night: Cleanser and BP..

Found out that Mosturizer would not be best for my face before i go to sleep b/c t might just be clogging my pores. :shifty: so.. I tried not using the Mosturizer last night and my face cleared up more without the mosturizer :boohoo::surprised: ..

I also thought about using ZInc Vitamin Pills 20 mg50 mg once a day. hopefully it'll help rid of my scarring/ inflammations.

Any Suggestions??Ffeel free to comment!

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I stop using expensive regimens. I just use a aveeno cleanser, and witch hazel. Works great with a healthy diet.

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I stop using expensive regimens. I just use a aveeno cleanser, and witch hazel. Works great with a healthy diet.

Thanks for the suggestins. As far as the "expensive regimens" . It is'nt the fact that I blow my money on expensive perscriptions, that's because my health insurance does'nt cover it at all! lol. The U.S HealthCare system is horrible. .. I'm definently afraid of trying accutane.

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