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hello. i am a little confused about what to do with my face now!

i've had "acne" since i was 15 (i'm 24 now) and all the dermatologists did was give me birth conrol pills. so i took those for years and was acne free, then i quit when i was 22, getting a huge acne attack. (and a lost period for 1/2 yr!!) i went on the pills again, the same thing happened, but i am worried that they are not good for my body, so i quit again 1 yr ago. since then, i have been a bummpy monster!!

so i realized that i have oily skin. and i also suffer from seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and ears. (ive had this since i was a child.. and it all stopped with the bc pills.. probably because bc pills control your oil)

i live in japan, so i am super healthy, except for cookies. i dont eat red meat, i hardly eat meat at all. i am not overweight. i belly dance and yoga, and weight lift. i mean, i!m 166 cm 47kg. so i dont think its my health.

my reginime is aha oil cleanser, a acne fighting jp wash (which i foam up and wash lightly with). acv vinegar. then i use jojoba oil and tea tea oil combo on my face. followed by a acne fighting toner and HIRIARURONSAN toner.

my make up is MAC primer, BRTC BB CREAM, PALGANTONG MAKE-UP Theatrical Powder, and mascara.

so my biggest problem is an invasion of white heads (skin colored bumps) all over my cheeks.. why??? what am i doing wrong??? i just want to cry..

can anyone give me suggestions on what to do?? please help (^0^)

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It sounds to me like you could be using an excess of products on your skin, and not necessarily the right ones. From what I gather, you're using an AHA wash, an "acne-fighting" wash (which I assume contains something along the lines of BP [benzoyl peroxide] or SA [salicylic acid]), followed by jojoba and tea tree oil, followed by two toners, and then makeup on top of that. That must be a lot of time in front of the mirror!

My recommendation is to really cut your regimen down to the essentials. You need a cleanser, but I don't suggest anything with acne medication built in. I'm not sure what kind of products you have in Japan, but if you could order a mild cleanser online (I personally use Dan's or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser) that would be a good starting point.

After this step is usually where toners are in the process. Many people don't recommend toners -- I'm indifferent. If you like your toners, use one here, but I don't recommend using two.

Then I suggest something intended only to treat the acne. This is up to you, but the basic choices are BP (Dan's is the most reliable and affordable) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid -- the most popular can be found on the Paula's Choice Website). Neither require a prescription and are generally affordable and effective. If you like the AHA in the cleanser you've been using, grab some AHA as well. I particularly suggest it for spot-treating when you first feel a bump coming in.

After that you can use your tea tree and/or jojoba oil. As an aside, I would make sure the jojoba isn't the source of your problems, as while it's a miracle worker for some it can cause breakouts for others, including myself.

Those are my suggestions. Good luck clearing up those whiteheads! :)

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I would suggest you go back on the pill. If that worked for you, don't fix what's not broken. Just a thought. Many, many women are on birth control for years and I think in general if you're not a smoker than the pill is safe.

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i agree with sunny. if the bc pills worked you might have acne that's more related to hormonal shifts. it's a personal choice. i have taken the pill for 6 years. after my own research and discussions with my doctors i feel this is perfectly safe. either way less is more- skin care routine should be basic with no more than two medications besides cleanser. otherwise you can irritate your skin even more.

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the same thing happened to me...once i got off of the pill, i became as what you call it a "bumpy monster"....it started for me in january...and just now my skin is clearing up....so it just takes time for your body to adjust...be patient...i know it sucks..believe me...i used to LOVE the sun, now i dread being newar it bc i think people can see my bumps..

just be patient...my doctor prescribed me solodyn and differin, and its been helping slowly.

i would suggest the same thing to you...and DONT pick at the whiteheads...definitely makes it looks a whole lot worse!!!

hang in there...

and im like you, dont want to get back on them even though they did work...bc i think hormones are just not good for you.

good luck!!

be patient!

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hello. Thank you for all the replies!!

as much as i would love to go back to bc pills.. i just can't. they are not healthy for my body. i experieced a lot of side effects on them (dry skin, bad hormon ups and downs, weight gain, bloating) plus, i want to be natural to my body. id rather take vitamins and supplements opposed to bc. :snooty:

i also cant use bp because i have a very very bad allergic reaction to it. just one drop and my skin with swell and crust. i gave it a try 4 years ago and i got burn scars from it... :cry:

let me go over my "regimin" once more just to clear up any hazyness of "acne fighting" products..

*oil cleanser (containing AHA - just to remove oil and make up)

*cleansing foam (no art. colors, fragrance, mineral oi, alcohol, and p-aminobenzoic acid) main ingredient is chondroitin and hydrolic acid


*jojoba oil w/ tea tree & lavendar essential oil

*toner (same maker as cleansing foam so color and perfume free) main ingredient benzoyl chloride and glycyrrhizin and dipotassium

*acne cream (same maker as foam and toner) main ingredients tocopherol, ibuprofen piconol, and isopropyl-methylphosphonofluoridate

make up

*MAC Prep+Prime/Skin

* :cry:BRTC BB CREAM (ingredients contain - hyaluronic acid, silk, aloe vera, adenosine, allantoin, and arbutin)



i think the products i use are all good for skin. especially the bbcream. (blemish and balm cream) now that i listed the ingredients, can i get some more advice on what i can do?

for aha, how can i incorporate it to my regimin?? as a wash, toner, cream? do i have to use a certain percent?? please give me so advice. :dance:

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Try a BHA (are you talking about inflamed or non inflamed?)

Paulas chocie 2%, it gets rid of all the crap in your face

Go to the blackheads and non inflamed acne forum, there is a lot of info on whiteheads there

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Gently rub an ice cube over your face untill it has melted away, pat dry, then take a green tea bag that has been brewing for around 10 minutes and squeeze some of the water out but not all, test on your hand first. Gently press against your hand and if you get green water on the area then it is ready, gently dab it along your face and leave it on for around 20 - 30 minutes. Your skin will go tight and dry, which will help to dry out the white heads.

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