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huge pimple under my nose

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ok well i have had acne since i was like 12years old and now i just find that the more that i try to stop it the worse it gets. like i can go say 4-5 days with little acne and then all of a sudden my face breaks out really bad. and now i have a huge pimple under my nose. how do i get rid of it WITHOUT using benzoyl peroxide (allergic). please help :cry:

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My skin type and salicylic acid never once worked. Try Neutrogena's On the spot treatment, I believe it has BP in it. I use retin-a micro and duac topical gel, which are prescriptions from the doctor. They work the best in combination with my skin. I hope everything works out and good luck!

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ya i cant use anything with bp in it and i didnt really want to go to get a perscription or anything. like i want somethng like at home that i can do. like the kinda of regimens that some people make up know what i mean?

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Are you using that Neutrogena cleanser with SA in it? That cleanser has given lots of people here problems. Its not a cleanser that should be used for people who are prone to acne because the sa is too high of a percentage and theres too many ingredients in it I think. My cleanser has mandelic acid and salicylic acid in it

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