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Bentonite Clay for removing blackheads?

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I've read online that quite a few bit of people have noticable success when using the clay on their face, mainly due to the clay's soaking ability. I read one user who mixed the clay powder with ACV and left it on her face to dry and within 3 days, 90%+ popped and were gone. I tried it this morning and it didn't really help yet, but I can't wait to see how it goes. To make it dry faster I used a hairdryer hehe.

I'm also using baking soda before bed.

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I think that might have been one of the main ingredients in the ProActiv mask, which was the only product of thier's I used that was worth a damn....what brand of clay (s)? are you using and how are you mixing it?

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I'm using bulkherbstore.com's, which is about $2.50 I think for half a pound, which is pretty good. I took it internally over a weekend, but didn't use it much more than that. So far I've done water and ACV, but I like the ACV with the clay MUCH better, though I used it when the acv was cold.

I think I added too much acv, but will try leaving more dry clay on my nose especially. It takes a while to dry though. Afterwards I used olive/castor oil, and my nose was a little red, but it vanashed after a few minutes. The surface of the skin is much much smoother, but I'll keep trying this w/ baking soda everynight now.


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