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I wash with Purpose and a little pro activ cleanser at night. I am looking for a toner that is gentle on my skin - that won't dry me out alot.

After the toner I will put on my 2 prescription topicals and then some good lotion (Neutregena, Oil of Olay, and Purpose). I sometimes spread some vasaline or aquafore over the lotion to lock in that moisture.

I wash with only a little Purpose soap in the morning.

What do you guys use?? I've tried apple cider vinegar, and pro activ toners, but they tend to make my skin feel drier than usual.

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Like Panda1 said, if you want something store-bought look for an alcohol-free one. Otherwise, consider purchasing a Paula's Choice toner. I recommend either Moisture Boost or Skin Balancing

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How do you make your green tea toner?

I put about 6oz of water to boil (because the bottle I keep my toner in is 6oz) then I use 5 bags of green tea to brew a really good and really concentrated batch. I let it cool and then bottle it up and refrigerate when not in use. I shake before using to mix everything up that's settled and it lasts me a week to a week and a half.

For my personal batch (because I don't do anything to my face now other than wash, tone, and occasionally moisturize if I really need it) I add about 10-12 drops of tea tree oil and a few tablespoons of sea salt. I've experimented with different combos in the past like adding zinc and vitamin C and leaving out the tea tree oil and sea salt, but my skin seems to like this combo the best.

Since you're using prescription topicals, green tea alone should be fine, but I'd give it a try to see how your skin likes it first :)

I'm trying this tonight I can't wait. I think i'll add lavender, tea tree,along with the green tea. Thanks Panda !!!!

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you could also try a clinique toner..

they have a toner for acne.

and also another toner for normal skin..

actually, i believe they have 3 different kinds of toner (for normal skin) based on your skin type.

i have used the one for normal skin...and its really nice a refreshing..not drying at all.

and the acne toner has a bit of SA in it, so it would be a bit more drying.

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out of curiosity, is a toner really necessary? what does it do exactly?

Yes it is very necessary. It removes all traces of makeup and cleanser, is anti-bacterial, tightens the pores and conditions the skin. This prepares your skin for better absorption of other products like your moisturizer or treatment.

If you want really simple, just use rosewater. Its a natural toner.

Or go with nivea gentle toner. You can literally see all the dirt on the cotton pad. This is the one:


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