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I know it won't cure my problems but I've read here and there about Honey having antibacterial properties that help acne and make your skin smooth

I wanted to give it a shot and if anybody has a good honey mask recipe/comments that would be greatly appreciated

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I think a lot of people crush a few aspirin and then mix with honey for a mask. The aspirin is very similar to salicylic acid, so it works better than just plain honey.

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It calms things down some, helps even out and smooth skin for while to. Its worth a shot. Add like 5 or 6 asprin in like a shot glass or something and add a couple (drops) of water and let them dissolve. Then add whatever amount of honey. Let sit for about 45 mins then wash off gently.

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i was reading on other sites that i should first try for 5 minutes and see how my skin reacts

i'm not sure on how many aspirin to use and how much honey

a recipe i found was

* 1 Raw Egg [egg whites]

* 2 Tablespoons of Honey

* Splash of Milk

* 1 tsp Vitamin E oil

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to much water... Just put like 6 asprin in there and about 3 drops and let it sit for minute. Then take a look at it and maybe try to crush it up a little bit and stir it....add a drop or so if needed then add a bunch of honey. Its a mess just dont get to much on fingers at once and apply it. DO NOT let your face touch anything or dont touch your face while its on...it really is a mess haha

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is it okay to do it every other day or is that too often

and i ground up the aspirin before i added water should i skip grinding it up or does it not matter?

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I think a honey mask shrank my big spots some but also may have clogged my pores. I used it by itself, applied to a wet face and then leave it for about 10 min, rinse.

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