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accutane stomach pain

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recently (like the last two to three weeks) ive been experiencing a lot of stomach aches. After i eat my stomach feels very uncomfortable and almost bloated. Is this a normal symptom with accutane, anybody else always getting stomach aches while on accutane?

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Accutane has been associated with variations of colitis. You should inform your doctor.

In the meantime, you might need to do a moderate (not strict) elimination diet to see which foods might decrease bloating and cramping; the fact that the bloating and cramping occurs near meals indicates that the food might be a culprit. Obviously decrease plain old carbs of the starchy, bready type, but fruit carbs are ok for helping with the stomach digestion (in my experience!) I'm not up on nutrition as on other things, but this is what I've seen personally. Up your fiber intake (legumes, etc) and water intake.

If you're under stress, stress alone can cause gastric disturbances.

Make sure you're not taking the accutane on an empty stomach and that you're taking at LEAST a full glass of fluid with each pill so that it will go where it's supposed to go. Peristalsis alone in the upper GI tract can't always get a pill down. A full glass of water will also help wash away the residuals if the outer capsule happens to rupture prior to its arrival at its destination (that's the more important reason for drinking a FULL glass of liquid.)

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