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Idea for High-Tech Method of Concealing acne scars and pores

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I'd like to start a discussion on a few concepts I have for high tech methods of concealing scars, pits, and pores. I believe it's scientifically possible, and I think there are enough motivated creative minds here to get the ball rolling. So here goes:

We all know makeup is worthless at covering up any kind of real scarring - pits, pores, etc.... But what if there was a spray of some kind that utilized ultra-fine nanofibers (this is just one method I'm exploring) to create some sort of flexible, breathable, non-irritating, waterproof, sweat-proof mesh on the skin that mimicked the texture and light-reflecting qualities of real skin. I don't know how effective it would be for extensive atrophic scarring...I don't know... Of course there are many gaps to be filled in this concept, but I believe that it is scientifically possible, and I'm very seriously considering embarking on a business venture to make it real. I am asking you guys to put your collective minds together to help me make this concept a reality. I'll be consulting with nano-technology firms and biochemical engineers, but I have to get appropriate funding in place before that happens. I'm not making any promises, but I'm trying to let you know that I'm very serious about making this a reality - or at the very least, finding out if it even is a possible reality. It may not be, but I don't think anyone's ever bothered to find out. So while that is brewing, I was wondering if you guys could throw your two cents in on what you think about the concept, and if you have any suggestions, etc.

Things I've already considered, and things for you guys to consider. I'm not a chemist or engineer of any kind, so feel free to correct me along the way if I say anything that's incorrect:

1.) a major challenge would be finding a way to make the fibers lie smooth over an uneven surface - in essence, not falling into the pits or depressions in skin - or simply leveling out to create a smooth surface.

2.) even if the concept was viable, could it be used by a man and not look like makeup? I'm a woman, so it's not a concern, but I intend to find out if various textures can be created using different combinations of materials in the mesh (or whatever you want to call it) itself.

3.) I imagine that a spray would be the best way to create the mesh (it's possible to put tiny fibers into a spray that spray out into a mat of interconnected fibers) as you could layer it, ensuring that sufficient feathering of the borders is created so there's not a clear line of demarcation of where the mesh ends and real skin begins.

4.) How does the mesh adhere to the skin without adhering to anything that touches the mesh. One method I've considered is using a layering of "electrospun" nanofibers. When they're electrospun, they're given a charge. For example, you can spray a mesh of negatively charged nanofibers onto the skin and it will adhere as the skin has a positive charge. However, that single mat of fibers would be so thin that it'd be invisible, and so I surmise there would need to be many layers of fibers (one layer with a negative charge, one layer with a positive charge, so that each layer adheres to the one below it)..... Did I lose you yet?

Another option could be that the mesh has a non-irritating glue-like quality, so that it does stick to the skin, but it is covered with a second layer of nanofibers in order to prevent the mesh from sticking to anything else....

That's all I've got so far. I'd love any and all input. Even if you think it's a pathetic idea. Much thanks in advance for your time.

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I can see where your getting the idea from. The way I see it this is basically a non permanent idea for a permanent problem, many people might instantly get turned off by that and instead adopt for other proven procedures such as fillers etc. The other problem you may need to worry about is facial hair. So now this is where the man problem comes in. If someone who suffers from alot of indented scarring applies this in certain areas, he will have facial hair growing in some eareas whilst none in other areas. This raises complications further. Also the time it takes to apply the nano fibres and the possible complications have to be considered? Allergies if any? Also the effect of sweat and further sebum production? The effect of temperature? This idea does seem to span many complications but then again what product or procedure doesn't? Don't be discouraged have a look into it, for all you know the material your looking for may already be out there but no one has applied it to such a thing or may need some touch ups. Good market research and scientific research will lead to answers for this. Good luck!

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