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What should i do?? and what is this?

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Well i dont know where to put this so i decided to try this here because it seems sevier . Sory if this is not the right area for this thread

all day at school it wasent swelled or nothing, it was just a little baby bump. i came home and it started swealing up and getting bigger and bigger

i put ice on it and NOTHING.

what do i do?? the swealing isent going down. i kno its some sort of acne cause i have not been hit in my head lol., and its got a little mark in the middle that looks like a head but i dont know.

this is anoying tho its right in the middle of my forehead at the top and its HUGE lol.

What are somethings i can use to take the swelling down?? cause ice , and hot rags arent doing nothing.



ps . sory the light is so dark on them. but my bathroom light keept showing a big smear of light in the pic where the bump is.

**NOTE i didnt squeze it or nothing to make it look like that, out of no where it started getting bigger and bigger but nothing seems to be in it so i think its swelling, but why would it be swelling when i havent done nothing to it

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i usually get big red bumps like that under my cheeks that develope into squishy cysts but never anything on my forehead. but since your forehead has tight skin thats close to the bone, whatever it is probably cant be that deep, right?

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yea i get stuff like this on my cheeks but not this big.

yea ur right since its on my forehead it cant be too deep.

it still pretty big today, the swelling went down some. i woke up with a HUGE head on it so i took a needle and pulled the head off and got some of the puss out and soaked rubbing alchol on it and washed and did my normal regimen.

right now it looks better the swelling went down remarable but usualy they fill back up with puss and get big again lol.

so lets see later on what it is like

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rubbing alcohol! OMG thats one of the worst things to put on a zit! I would take an aleve and I would put a hot tea bag compress on it. Fill a glass with relatively hot water, dip a tea bag in it, put it in the microwave for a minute, remove the tea bag and wrap it around a paper towel, folding the paper towel in forths, apply the compress to your zit. It will be red afterwards but it will help the swealing go down and hopefully, it will bring the zit to a head.

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