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If I decrease the dose and then go back to the higher one, will I get another IB??

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After 5+ months of tane at 70mg dose with no improvement (actually worse condition), I a considering lowering the dose to 40 mg (my first course on a low dose worked perfectly). IF I lower the dose to 40 mg, and then increase back up to 70 mg after one or two months (if the lower dose doesn't make a difference), will I get another IB? My IB on this course is horrible and showing no signs of abating after 5+ months.

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Why would your doctor lower the dosage if the higher one isn't working?? And yes you would get a breakout.

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I am lowering the dosage against my current doctor's advice. On my first course in the US, I took 35mg for and the acne cleared up within a few weeks. On the second course in the UK, I started with mild acne and my new derm gave me 70mg/d. After five months, the IB is showing no signs of abating. I asked my old doc for his advice and he said that he would never have started me at such a high dose and would decrease it now to avoid further scarring and long-lasting red marks. So I am going against my current derm's advice and lowering dosage. I've been on the low dosage for a week and had no new breakouts (on the face at least) until yesterday when I woke up with five new lesions. But then again, it has only been a week so I can't really tell if the lower dosage is having an effect.

Either way, going on a second course of accutane has been one of the worse decisions of my life. Now I have to worry about scars, blotchy skin, and active acne. I'm convinced that if I had started at a lower dose, I would have gotten results similar to my first course and would now be 100% clear without scars.

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