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Those who have had moderate or severe acne for several years... do you have these symptoms?

Take this poll if you have moderate to severe acne for more than several years  

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  1. 1. Do you have these symptoms?

    • Light, moderate or severe fatigue
    • Light, moderate or severe brain fogginess
    • Do you mentally tired or fatigued if you must wait a few hours to eat while hungry?
    • Do you get agitated, moody or jittery if you are very hungry...and does this go away after eating?
    • Do you ever suffer from bloating/gas after eating lots of carbohydrates?
    • Do you notice sleepiness after eating a large meal of mostly carbs (pasta/potato soup/spaghetti)
    • Can you get depressed from time to time?
    • I feel perfectly dandy.
    • I dont fit the criteria of this poll but want to see the results.
    • I have mild acne and I have some of these symptoms.

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These are the symptoms for insulin insensivity. Note: Most people dont have any symptoms which is why a medical test is required.

I have 5 of 7 of these symptoms. I become very agitated and moody and upset if I've gone a few hours without eating and am very hungry. I also become very foggy if I've stayed hungry for a few hours. (I've never gotten bloated after carbs... though, luckily =P).

Does anyone notice if you have these symptoms?

After doing the poll, it would be great if you elaborated on your symptoms.

At the doctor's office, he commented that I had "higher than normal triglycerides"... but told me not to worry about it and said it means nothing.

Two months later, I googled it and read that the classic symptom of insulin insensivity is above-normal triglycerides. I also have 5 of 7 of the symptoms associated with insulin insensivity. For many years, I didnt have any of these symptoms.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with diabetes. Research has found almost 80% of the US population has insulin insensivity due to improper diet.

Yesterday, I began a diet which resensitizes diabetics to insulin within 3 weeks. I am pretty sure my complexion will clear.

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I didn't take the poll because you've directed to moderate and severe acne suffers... I have stubborn mild acne, but 5 of these 7 symptoms.

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I'm pretty sure 90% of the American population would select at least 2 or 3 of these. Too many disorders/diseases have symptoms similar or the same as these. They really can't be used to accurately diagnose things. I think insulin resistance is my problem simply because my face is red immediately after meals high in carbs and then inflamed bumps start to surface a little while later. cinnamon/chromium/vandyl sulfate have helped immensely with my symptoms

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I can tell you most people do not know about brain fog until its gone, I was never really aware of it

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