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I'm currently on Doxycycline Hyclat (100mg once a day), Differin, and Duac. I alternate Differin and Duac every night (to avoid over-drying I don't apply anything during the day, just moisturizer since my face gets really dry) and I started these a week ago.. since then I've noticed I'm breaking out more on my chest and (???) arms too. I don't apply the differin/duac to my body soo..Is this the doxycycline working? I've been good with it (taking it with a full glass of water and on an empty stomach as directed).

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I was taking all 3 combos just as you were and I stopped because the Duac or Differin (which ever one was the moisturizer--its been a while) was making me break out into tiny white bumps on my face--similar to a rash. Once I got rid of one it was a lot better, and I started using a alcohol/fragrance free moisturizer from neutragena (i totally spelled that wrong).

But after a while my ARM started going numb--as if I had slept on it and it continued that way for almost a month and a half. I put up with it because I didn't want to give up taking the DOXY. I kept telling my dermatologist and he didn't believe me. Finally I went on this website--a long time ago---and a couple of other ones and they were complaining about the same thing. With an infection from the antibiotics--that was the last straw. I finally gave up on all 3 combos. Maybe u will have better luck.

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thanks, hope it does work better! it also says to avoid vitamin A on doxy.. so what'll happen if i take a daily multivitamin? anyone know which foods vitamin A is in? i don't want my skin to get worse for taking a multi-v..

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