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hey guys,

have been on the regimen for about 2 months..and i saw awesome results!!

but i made the mistake of adding st.ives apricot scrub..i was using NHSFL too and i figured that the scrub wud be a good way of physical exfoliation and giving my skin some BHA..but no!!! and it takes abt 2 weeks for the pimples to surface and its sucks!..while using it i dint even feel what my skin was going thru down below!

i tried adding it to my regimen twice in 2 months.. doesnt work.. :( i added it the second time..thinking maybe my skin wasnt ready the first time.. i wud suggest all of u to stay at an arms length from this product! the rough beads r the real culprit..

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Yep. ;) A bit of research on St Ives Apricot scrub on these very boards would have suggested that you stay away from rough scrubs that tear minute holes in the skin as they lead to increased breakouts.

Gentle exfoliants are much better, and even the baby's hair brush method (done GENTLY!!!) is a great method of mechanical exfoliation.

The NHSFL should be sufficient in the first few months of the regimen. I hope all goes well for you from here on out! :)

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I posted this under another thread and I will post it again. I wouldnt touch that cleanser with a ten inch poll (I think thats the expression lol). It put scratches on my cheeks and caused me to have blackheads on my nose.

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