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Maya, you're a real inspiration to a lot of people here, including me. Hope your birthday was great and may ALL your days be filled with good health, happiness and a lot of love.

All the best,


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so how old are ye eh?? bet you won't be willing to tell tongue.gif but i think i know it...................................................hehehehehehehhhhhhehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehheh

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Hope you had a truly splendid Birthday! Here is to many more and for those to be happy and healthy with all the bounty and blessings life is meant to hold for you! Blow out the candles. Nobody's counting anyway. Bet, I know what you wished for! biggrin.gif/

Hugs, Anna

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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

You truly are a wonderful person!

user posted image

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. - Franz Kafka

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Oops! Thanks for the sentiments everyone, but it's not my birthday until April 5th.

Maybe I should start celebrating my birthday now? biggrin.gif

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This is so funny! Well Maya, just in case I forget to wish you a happy birthday on April 5th biggrin.gif have an amazingly happy birthday and I wish you perfect skin! (I can wish whatever I want for you, so don't try to send it back!) biggrin.gif/

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