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bumps back on skin 2 weeks after extraction!

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around the second week of april, i had a facial (extraction), and it took around 2 weeks for the scabs/marks to heal and clear up.

(even now i still have a few pale pink marks--IS THIS NORMAL??)

anyway, before the extraction, my cheek area has always had a bumpy/sandy feel to it, and my dermatologist said that it was my clogged pores.

now it's been around a month, and i notice that on my lower right cheek is starting to feel a bit bumpy again. and when i look closely at the mirror, i notice a few bumps forming again. they don't come out and turn out as pimples, but they look like tiny whiteheads spread over the skin.

i was hoping the extraction would clear the bumps out of my skin permanently, but it appears they've come back.

i have not put on an inch of makeup ever since the extraction, except maybe once or twice using powder, and that was it.

my regimen consists of:

-wash face 2x a day (morning & night)

-putting clindamycin on pimples/spot treatment

-sunblock during the day

-applying tretinoin+terbinafine cream at night

-melaclear2 at night (to clear up brown spots)


-has anyone here tried melaclear2 and can anyone attest to its effectivity?

-does anyone here use clindamycin and know how effective it is since i have yet to see the full effects of the medication?

and lastly:


and what causes them in the first place? i haven't done anything or put on my skin and YET i'm still getting the bumps.


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