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Just want to say hi and introduce myself, I'm new around here

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I've been dealing with the emotional stresses of acne for so long ever since I was in middle school (I'm 23 in grad school right now), but I never had anyone to talk to about it. I'm sure like for many of you it's sort of something that goes unsaid with all of your friends who might say they understand where you're coming from, but don't. It's impossible to unless you suffer from acne too. I've actually known about this board for a while, but I never thought about registering probably because I wanted to just tough it out by myself. In the end I wanted some sort of support from people who really, really understand.

Well here's a little background info. As I said, I'm 23 and a 1st year pharmacy student (almost done with my 1st year). I'm thai, and although I'm 5'8'', I act like I'm 6'5''. I love music (I play the piano a little), like basketball, and enjoy lifting heavy objects in my free time. Ladies, I enjoy pina coladas on the beach, giving (and receiving) sensual back rubs, and sexy midnight pillow fights. I'm a confident person, but man I flip a 180 when I break out.

I'm pretty emo right now, because it's finals week and I have this big monster of a zit on my nose that probably came from all of the stress of studying. I totally get all anti-social and my self-esteem totally just sucks right now. I basically go to school just to take tests and leave before anyone can really see me, which is really impossible. Zeno totally failed me, because this one blitzed me hard. I really don't know what else to say, but man I feel crappy right now. I really should be studying instead of being all debbie downer. I look forward to meeting all of you guys though =]

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Did i just hear the robot fart.

Butters : Robots don't fart.

Awesome-O : Initiating fart sequence.

Eww, and it stinks too.

Awesome-O : Initiating smell sequence.

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yeah.. i feel u. as much as its a prob for you.. u shud understand too that you deserve a chance to be happy. no matter what.. so keep fighting for it..

its all about personal progress.

it doesnt matter how u are doing in relation to others... just remember that.. ure in school ure trying to do well.. and ure ganna come out of this a better person.. so don't kid yourself..

u took the first step.. of admitting u have a problem.. which is sometimes the hardest part for people.. but now.. u can move forward.. and start to see that there are a lot of ways to stay upbeat and positive.

seriously.. you are strong. don't flush the confidence just yet.. u might need it. keep things level..

let yourself b sad.. and depressed for a while.. but not too long.. learn to let the emotion out.. but dont use it.. as a scapegoat

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