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Now Ill start on diet and taking supplements!! But which ones?

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Hey there. I am getting tired of always having these zits on my face. Therefore I’ll try to get rid of them by start eating healthy and taking food supplements and vitamins. Currently I have a simple regimen: Morning: Wash with water, Middle of the day: Take a shower (if I have excercised (sorry for bad spelling, don’t know how to write it ;)) and Evening: Wash with water, apply some ACV. Wait 10mins and then wash again. I started with that last week, therefore I think I will stay with it for at least a month or two to see how it goes, but meanwhile I want to improve my diet too.

Therefore I ask you which supplements I should take. I mostly get inflamed whiteheads.

OBS: I take som allergic medicine for pollen allergies, but they don’t make me break out more...

What I am thinking of taking/using:

Liver flush - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=19884 But I don’t have time to try this out right now. I want to prepare myself good when I do it

ACV – I think I’ll try take it with apple juice. Tried once but it tasted like shit. But I’ll try again now ïŠ

Green smothies – they really looks delicious and people are getting good results from it

Zink – 25 or 50mg?

Any tips for any vitamins?

How can I stop drinking milk? I thought the milk had vital stuff in it. How can I replace that? Normally I drink many glasses of milk daily (mmm, I love it) but the last weeks I have tried to reduce it to minimum. I also eat bread every day and I am thinking of continiue it, or is that bad?

So any what do you think? Does it sound ok?

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I would recommend a good food-based multivitamin. This is important for a lot of things (especially B vitamins), and try to find one with a hefty dose of vitamin C and zinc (then you won't have to take those separately!). I don't think you mentioned them, but I would STRONGLY recommend taking essential fatty acids such as fish oil and possibly borage oil or evening primrose oil. These are very important for maintaining the proper balance of "good fats" in your skin.

As for diet: plenty of water, cut out sodas, if you're going to eat bread/grains then stick to whole grains only. I don't know that you need to cut out dairy personally, but if you want to cut it out then there are a multitude of dairy-free, soy and rice-based options for milk, cheese, butter, etc. I would also recommend making sure you get enough fiber (I wouldn't take it as a supplement, try to get it in your diet if possible), and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Good luck!

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Multi-vitamins aren't effective at all...

start out with zinc and some omega 3, personally I take 25mg of zinc and that is enough to keep me from flushing, although I guess it depends on your weight.

omega 3 should be 2-3 grams, more I've heard is dangerous.

True, cut out all processed foods (this means smoked meats, candy, sugars, soft drinks, etc.)

Add broccoli to your diet, I like to fry mine in a tiny bit of soy sauce (MAKE SURE it has soy though!!! buy it in a bottle UNLESS soy breaks you out, you may want to try this first; packets of "soy sauce" that they give at chinese takeout places don't even have soy in them, it is just some fructose stuff).

Read labels - avoid high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, corn syrup in general, MSG - monosodium glutamate (I think) - but this comes in many forms like seaweed, carrageenan, "hydrolized proteins", etc. avoid those too.

Don't eat cereals, they are crap - basically sugar in a box.

Borage oils (I've read) are amazing, I am also taking evening primrose oil but I can't say that has made a significant improvement, but that's just me. You might want to take vitamin E as well...it is beneficial for the skin. Try to get a lot of Vitamin A (carrots of course, but that is beta carotene which isn't processed very efficiently - other places you can find it is in like animal organs (like liver, etc.) I think... not sure, you will have to do a bit of research ;) )

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My advice to you would be to start out with one thing at a time rather than doing all those things at once. Your body will take time to adjust to even subtle changes in your diet. Don't worry about cutting everything out all together for example if you drink lots of glasses of milk during the day maybe consider cutting down to one or two a day over a period of seven days then see where you are (almond mylk is a great sub by the way).

Rushing things in my experience only leads to more stress and breakouts.

I can't over-emphasise enough the wonder of the green smoothie. If you can get one of these blighters in you even once every two or three days you're on the right track.

Personally, I used to pop lots of different vitamin pills. In my opinion they are no substitute for getting them straight from the horses mouth i.e. fruit/veg/seeds/nuts

Good luck and take it easy

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Thank you for your tips! I have started taking 25mg of zinc a day and will soon start taking ACV orally. And then when I see if there is a improvement or not, I will decide whether to start om the green smoothies, but they look delicious, so I might start making them :)

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